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Altai jew's harp by P.Potkin without a cover
Jew's Harp by Pavel Potkin is an extremely neatly made instrument, and it has everything to fal..
12.00 USD
Belarus medium jew's harp by Pyatochenko
Jew's harps of Belarusian master Pyatochenko can considerably differ in the timbre of sounding ..
17.00 USD
Big Belarusian Jew's Harp by Piatochenko
Big jew's harp of Belarusian master Pyatochenko can have low and very low sounding. It is characteri..
25.00 USD
Exclusive-melodious Jew's Harp by Masko
Little jew's harps deffer from their big "brothers" by advanced melodiousness and speed of the play...
80.00 USD
Jew's Harp by Dyomin Standard
An extremely finely tuned instruments of Ukrainian master Victor Dyomin. The sounds of a jew's ..
25.00 USD