Belarusian Jew's Harps

Belarusian jew's harp or "drymba" is a musical instrument that has an amazing, mysterious, deep sound. After the end of the play its melody is heard for a long time. In ancient times it was often used in shamanic rituals. Drymba is characterised by a hard tongue which is sensitive to breath. A great choice for beginners.

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Belarus Jew's harp by Hatskevich
Варган Хацкевича –  изящество и мощный напористый звук в одном флаконе! Выполнен в крепкой ш..
100.00 USD
Belarus little Jew's harp by Pyatochenko
Little jew's harp of Belarusian master of Pyatochenko is characterised by hardness of the tongue and..
17.00 USD
Belarus medium jew's harp by Pyatochenko
Jew's harps of Belarusian master Pyatochenko can considerably differ in the timbre of sounding ..
17.00 USD
Big Belarusian Jew's Harp by Piatochenko
Big jew's harp of Belarusian master Pyatochenko can have low and very low sounding. It is characteri..
25.00 USD